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24 hours in Paris

Paris, an emblematic and romantic city for so many, has been shedding its traditional image lately and embracing new trends in culture, art, and yes, even food.

24 hours in Doha

The small peninsula of Qatar is the only true desert country worldwide, with no natural surface water, but featuring a long (563km) coastline with fine sandy beaches and majestic rolling dunes in the south.

Articles - 24 hours

24 hours in Sao Paulo

São Paulo was initially founded in 1554 as a village by Portuguese missionaries, and by 1711 the city of São Paulo was created.

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24 hours in Brussels

Belgium gained independence in 1830. Prior to that the territory was ruled by nearly every European power including the Roman Empire, France, Austria, Hapsburgian Spain, and the Netherlands. It’s fitting, then, that the capital city of Brussels has grown from its roots as a 10th-century fortified town along the Zenne River (now bricked over) into a bilingual metropolis of over one million inhabitants, half of whom hail from elsewhere.

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24 hours in Bengaluru

Bengaluru – ‘The garden city’ – in the dawn of 2011, is an invigorating but tasty city to tackle. The local flavours are aplenty, but to relish any of them you’ll need the resolve and patience of a seasoned wayfarer – especially to tackle the traffic chaos caused by an as-yet rough-hewn metro rail system cutting through the city’s central avenues. Yet beneath its knotty, hard-shelled surface exist layers of delights, distillations, and delicacies unique to Bengaluru. All you need to do is dig in with gusto.

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24 hours in Cape Town

Laidback locals affectionately call it ‘the mother city’ – which says it all. Cape Town originated as a strategic calling post for the tall ships midway between west and east on the fabled spice route. The spectacular location of the city at the southernmost tip of Africa has lured settlers and travellers from around the world for centuries.

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24 hours in Zurich

Zürich’s international fame is largely tied to its status as a banking and finance hub rather than its touristic virtues.  

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24 hours in Phuket

Phuket – now famed for sun-and-sea tourism, this lush tropical island in the south of Thailand was once rich in tin deposits. Devastated by a Burmese invasion in 1809, traders from the British Straits moved all mining activity to the Bay of Tongkah near Old Phuket town.

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24 hours in Kuala Lumpur

Stepping out of the chilled air-con of Kuala Lumpur’s busy international airport you pick up a city-bound shuttle bus ticket from a well-signposted, well-ordered, and well-run ticket counter. Or wait just a few minutes for a taxi with a meter that actually works (a luxury in SE Asia).

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24 hours in Melbourne

What was started in 1835 by a determined band of settlers has blossomed into a vibrant, worldly metropolis where residents and visitors alike embrace the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and appreciation of the arts.

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24 hours in Casablanca

Surround yourself with magnificent Moorish architecture and luxurious décor in this oasis of calm in the busy city centre.

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