Features - 3 Great Places

three great places - Zagreb

Zagreb’s central district has plenty to offer the curious tourist, including a wide variety of culinary treats. Here are three of the best restaurants: traditional, modern, and French.

three great places - Beirut

In Beirut, restaurants aren’t just for eating. They’re a place to gather, seek entertainment, or engage in lively debate of matters philosophical or political. The one thing they never are, however, is boring – and they’re always delicious.

Articles - 3 Great Places

three great places - Seychelles

Seychelles food incorporates French, Chinese, Indian, and African influences, with seafood dishes featuring prominently on menus. For a touch of local colour these restaurants in or near the capital, Victoria, are worth visiting while sightseeing or shopping.

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Three great places - Tehran

There is a wealth of flavours in the streets of Tehran, from bakeries to corner restaurants where the smell of saffron wafts through the air. But what will surprise many visitors is the city’s abundance of cosmopolitan restaurants. From mouth-watering Caspian food to authentic Asian and the finest French bakery in town, come with us on a culinary tour of Tehran…

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three great places - Doha

Doha’s lively foodie scene has never been better. Visitors will be surprised by the array of cuisines on offer, from the Arab world to Southeast Asia, Europe, and everything in-between. Doha is not a town for walking, but these Three Great Places showcase the ‘new’ Doha and are worth the taxi fare.

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three great places - Chongqing, China

Chongqing, in Southwest China, has a 3,000-year history, rich tourism resources, and is a centre of the Sichuan food scene. From sizzling street food, authentic restaurants, and the ubiquitous hot pot, for the people of Chongqing eating and cooking are popular pastimes.

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three great places - Oslo

Norway boasts some of the world’s best chefs, with local, seasonal ingredients featuring prominently in the cuisine. These restaurants are all in Oslo’s city centre, a short stroll from hotels, shops, sights, and theatres.

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three great places - Paris

The Paris of days past, with its traditional, snooty cafés and brasseries, has given way to a plethora of new and creative establishments, surprising visitors with innovation and creativity and shaking up the status quo in the City of Light. These ‘three great places’ are a 5km stroll from each other, located just north of the Seine.

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three great places - Rome

Even if all roads do lead to Rome, not all lead to the best restaurants. In fact, rivers of visitors mean that you have to be careful when choosing your restaurant, if you don't want to eat in a tourist trap. Rome is currently enjoying a food renaissance, which makes eating in the city as exciting as it is delicious.

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three great places - Stuttgart

Stuttgart offers a broad culinary experience, from simple, hearty, and flavourful local Swabian cuisine in a medieval prison, to fine international fare at one of Stuttgart’s trendiest spots overlooking a castle.

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