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Te Vale of York Hoard, AD 900s, North Yorkshire, England.

Vikings: Life and Legend, The British Museum

Starting March 6
The British Museum will open its new Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery, part of the new World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre, in powerful fashion.

Culture - Mastering the Art of Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is an artistic practice originally developed as a method to preserve the Qu’ran. Over the centuries the styles and methods have been continued by every generation, not with the intent to alter the form but to continue its legacy.

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Culture - Native Nostalgia Museum of African Design

In November 2013, a renovated 2,500-square-foot mining factory opened its doors as the Museum of African Design, the continents first such development, with an eye on showcasing Africa’s most cutting-edge design ideas.

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Damien Hirst –The Immortal> (1997– 2005)Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates© Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.All rights reserved, DACS 2013.

Relics – Damien Hirst's largest collection ever

Damien Hirst's largest collection ever

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Florence - Gucci Museo celebrates an icon

Gucci Museo celebrates an icon

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Mayor of London hosts inaugural Qatar UK 2013

“London’s relationship with the Arab world goes back to medieval times, and today the cultural links between the capital and this hugely diverse region are stronger than ever.”
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

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art & culture - Iraqi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

A group exhibition of works by contemporary Iraqi artists is on display from June to November 2013 at the Ca’ Dandolo, Grand Canal, Venice.

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insight - Marc Soubeyran

Occupation - Violin maker

When Marc Soubeyran was 16 or 17, he taught himself to play the violin. At around the same time, after a summer spell in a furniture factory, he also became interested in wood and woodworking.

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insight - Kongo

Occupation - Urban Artist

Urban artist Cyril Phan, better known by his street name ‘Kongo’, teams up with French luxury fashion house, Hermès, in an unlikely collaboration. Portable street art or fashion statement, it pushes the boundaries of both graffiti and style

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Dining room (comador)

museum review - The Museum of Romanticism

Look back longingly at the rich and diverse collection at the Museum of Romanticism in Madrid, a museum-mansion devoted to the art, history, and daily life of the Spanish Romantic movement.

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