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Smoothies seem to be everywhere, from roadside cafés to mall food courts, but beware: most of them are packed with more sugar, milk, or ice cream than healthy, wholesome fruits and vegetables. Here are three tasty beverages that really deliver on their promise of healthy goodness.


The Green Giant

Apples, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon, parsley, spinach
The health benefits of this super juice are manifold. The fruits in this concoction contain vitamins A and C, while the ginger is great for the digestive system. Cucumber is ideal for the complexion, and celery, which is high in calcium, has been known to help lower blood pressure. Leafy greens such as spinach are high in iron, and parsley has proven to be high in powerful cancer-preventing antioxidants. Admittedly this drink is an acquired taste, so feel free to add a natural sweetener and more apples to make it palatable.


The Workout Wonder

Coconut water, banana, strawberries, Greek yoghurt, agave or Stevia as a sweetener
Balance your electrolytes far better than with any sugar-packed sports drink with the coconut water; pack in the potassium (which helps achieve optimal muscle and nerve function) with the banana; get a dose of quick-burning carbs from the berries; and neutralise any acidity with the yoghurt, which is also packed with protein to help prevent post-workout fatigue.


The Brain Booster

Blueberries, blackberries, cinnamon, almond milk, honey as a sweetener
Berries of the blue and black variety are said to increase concentration by nearly 20% when consumed over a period of time, while cinnamon contains proanthocyanidin and cinnamaldehyde, which are thought to protect against dementia. For the ever-important liquid content, skip the milk or yoghurt and opt for almond milk – studies show that this low-calorie nut can actually increase memory.

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