Select - Oryx In-Flight Magazine Qatar Airways Oryx in-flight magazine Thu, 23 Mar 2017 22:02:49 +0000 en-gb Adventure destinations If relaxing on a tropical beach isn’t your idea of holiday fun, here are five destinations where you can raise your adrenalin levels with plenty of adventure activities.

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Afternoon tea England’s seventh Duchess of Bedford set the trend for afternoon tea in the late 18th century. Finding herself unable to last from breakfast to dinner, she plugged the gap with a cup of tea and slice of cake in her bedroom, an act that caught on after she subsequently invited friends to join her. Today it’s an indulgent celebration for those fortunate enough to have a spare afternoon. Greg Sunning reveals three great places to ‘take tea’ on your travels.

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family travel - Fun on the slopes – the top snow gear for kids As the northern hemisphere’s snow season kicks off, it’s time to explore some of the best gear to keep kids happy. Whether it’s gloves that can allow teenagers to stay connected, or fun, fast sledges for all the children to enjoy when the skiing stops for the day, Nichola West rounds up her favourite snow gear for kids.

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Festive Markets As the northern-hemisphere weather gets colder, festive cheer gets warmer and cities erupt in twinkling lights, music, and traditional markets. Here are five cities in which to shop in seasonal style.

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Qatar Airways Holidays - January Plan ahead to January with our insider tips on where to go. Witness the wildebeest migration in Tanzania, enjoy the natural wonders in Phuket, and explore the mountains of Jamaica.

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Follow your dreams: Five inspiring places for kids to learn about their ideal job The sky is the limit for ambitious kids who have their eyes set on a dream job. More and more classes are springing up across the world to inspire and support children who are interested in developing particular skills. Nichola West has rounded up five of the best destinations to take kids who are dreaming big.

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Great migrations Some of the world’s animals far outdo humans when it comes to travelling by land, sea, or air. Here are some mass movements, part of the great cycle of nature, that provide awesome spectacles.

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Qatar Airways Holidays - December Plan ahead to December with our insider tips on where to go. Embrace the colder weather and enjoy the winter cheer in London or New York, and enjoy the dry season in sunny Laos.

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family travel - Worldly dress sense Independent children’s fashion labels are taking on some of the world’s biggest clothing brands, leading the way on design and ethical production, and bringing a real sense of fun to the market. These smaller firms set up by enterprising individuals are springing up across the globe, celebrating the best of the countries they’re established in and generating new business for their communities. Nichola West rounds up five of her favourite small clothing labels for children from around the world.

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Spectacular Fountains People everywhere are entranced by water, nowhere better harnessed than in public fountains, which might be urban monuments, a source of entertainment, or simply a delight to the eye.

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