Five minutes with Carolin Zeitler

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Carolin Zeitler is a woman who has created a hub of leadership around her. Her How Women Work community is a robust collective that has grown around an annual conference and its many spin-offs, such as the How Women Succeed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) book project, and year-round seminars and retreats. We caught up with her in Doha to get a mini-lesson in leadership training.


What are the leadership opportunities for women in Qatar?
There is a spirit of sisterhood and feeling of connectedness between many of us. We want to connect, exchange, and support each other. That’s why events like the How Women Work conference and our Mastermind and Soul Sisters groups are so important; they go beyond what a networking group can do and provide more depth, a more solid support system.

You recently re-branded your leadership coaching company. Tell us about that process.
My first coaching brand in Qatar was Arcata Communication Coaching, and it did really well. We offered our clients a strategic partnership that would enable them to grow their leaders to the next level, to engage their employees more effectively, to attract and retain female talent to their company. When we rebranded, we chose an Arabic name, since we operate exclusively in the region. Our new name, Tataowar Coaching & Consulting, is derived from an Arabic word which means ‘grow, develop, evolve, improve’.

Describe your ideal day.
On my ideal day, I get up at 5.30am, well rested and fresh. I write for about half an hour, then do yoga for about half an hour. I have breakfast with my daughter. At the office, I work at my computer. I grab a quick business lunch with a friend and continue with coaching appointments. At about 4pm, I go home to spend some time with my daughter or take the dogs to the beach. In the evening, I sometimes like to go to networking events or workshops.

What advice do you have for young people starting their careers?
If you see an inspiring person, do not hesitate to ask them to mentor you. There is so much you can learn from a mentoring relationship. Similarly, always invest in your own growth; coaching is such a powerful way to get ahead in life and to overcome roadblocks. Don’t wait years for life to teach you its lessons; get a coach and discover them right away.

How do we know when a leader is in the room?
A leader is someone who has vision, someone who can see a brighter future for us and convey that picture to us with great clarity. The leader will gather the right people around her, make use of their talents, and quickly see to the implementation of her vision. It might take months or years for the project to come to full fruition, but the leader will be chipping away at it, making it happen, step by step, engaging amazing talent and useful resources along the way, inspiring those who come into contact with her.

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