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insight - Joseph Colaneri, Artistic Director

“Opera is the confluence of all the arts; of music, language, drama, and visual arts especially with the technology we have, there is so much that we bring to the stage now.”

insight - Elias Ketuta

From the kitchen at Klein’s Camp, with awe-inspiring views of the Serengeti, chef Elias Ketuta serves up freshly prepared dishes sourced from his own organic garden.

Articles - Insight

insight - Sim Yong-sik

Olympic host 1988

Master craftsman Sim Yong-sik works to conserve Korea’s cultural heritage through the construction and repair of traditional wooden windows and doors.

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insight - Dr. Elizabeth Stone

Occupation - Archeologist

Leading the first American archaeology team into Iraq in 20 years, Dr. Elizabeth Stone is slowly scraping away the layers of the country’s history.

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insight - Jez Harris

Occupation - Animatronics & Special Effects

It was a chance encounter that irrevocably changed Jez Harris’s life. One day in 1979, after watching the sci-fi movie Alien, Jez bumped into a former schoolmate who had just finished working on the Star Wars epic, The Empire Strikes Back, at Shepperton Studios.

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insight - Doug Allan

Occupation - Wildlife Cameraman

Award-winning wildlife cameraman Doug Allan was determined to find out if orcas – killer whales – really did work co-operatively by making waves to swamp ice floes and knock seals into the water where they could be easily picked off.

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insight - Marc Soubeyran

Occupation - Violin maker

When Marc Soubeyran was 16 or 17, he taught himself to play the violin. At around the same time, after a summer spell in a furniture factory, he also became interested in wood and woodworking.

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insight - Casey Stoner

Occupation - MotoGP Rider

The 2012 MotoGP season begins at the Losail International Circuit, Qatar on April 6-8, and all eyes will be on the current world champion, Repsol Honda Team rider Casey Stoner.

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insight - Kongo

Occupation - Urban Artist

Urban artist Cyril Phan, better known by his street name ‘Kongo’, teams up with French luxury fashion house, Hermès, in an unlikely collaboration. Portable street art or fashion statement, it pushes the boundaries of both graffiti and style

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insight - François Barbeau

Occupation - Costume designer

Costume designer François Barbeau has worked with legends of film and theatre on more than 400 shows, and at 76 the Montrealer’s just getting started.

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New Year’s Eve

insight - Tim Tompkins

Occupation - President Times Square Alliance

With eyes on Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Tim Tompkins’ resolution is to make sure the heart of New York City beats strong all year long.

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