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While some might scoff that the iPad is all hype, there’s no denying that with its large screen and touch controls it’s the perfect device for playing board games digitally.

Family favourites and classics with a twist, many of them are available on the iPhone and iPod Touch but lack the social element of being playable socially against family and friends. Now, you can lay the iPad down on a table and share the fun, with the extra features that a digital version provides. The iPad will store all your board games, card games, and table sports games, and keep track of your place and the score.

Unfortunately, it does put an end to fishing through the Scrabble bag when no one’s watching, or slipping yourself an extra US$500 as Monopoly Banker.

moonlight mahjong
Midnight Martian?
Putting a literal spin on the traditional idea of Mahjong, this virtual version allows you to tilt and turn, and zoom in and out, with multiple player capability. There are over 90 built-in board layouts, and when you get bored with those you can create your own and share them with others.


SIS Software?
Up to four people can play Ludo on the iPad, which takes the board game experience to the next level. Play solo against the iPad or mix computers vs humans to add the extra fun that this game offers when played with four players.
Free on iTunes.


warships: sea on fire!
Prove your tactical skills in this all-time classic strategy game. For those familiar with the famous board game Battleships, ‘Warships: Sea on Fire!’ is a variant thereof, with graphics, animations, over 20 different levels, and three themes.


shredder chess
Eiko Bleicher, Skizzix.com
Shredder is able to mimic the play of a human chess player with any playing strength, and even deliberately makes typical human mistakes. If you like, Shredder automatically adjusts its strength to yours. The app keeps track of your performance and offers advice if needed


A simple, quick, and addictive game, play checkers with a friend or against your iPad on a beautiful wooden checkerboard. Pieces and squares glow subtly to show you all the legal moves, while pieces slide into position when released.


Electronic Arts
Play against the iPad or friends, locally or over a local network, and if you have an iPhone, download the free Scrabble Tile Rack and arrange your letters on your own device and simply flick them towards the game board and they’ll appear, ready for you to place.


Electronic Arts
The iPad brings a new dimension to this old favourite. Shake your device to ‘roll’ the 3D dice, challenge friends on WiFi and Bluetooth, play through three levels of difficulty, and save games in progress. You can customise the number of players, the ‘house rules’, and even the game environment.


game table
Label Interactive
Game Table provides a virtual game board for a variety of games, like Checkers, Chess, Reversi, Poker, and other card games. The app provides you with game boards and pieces to play against real opponents with no restrictions; the rules are up to you.


Making Music

For over a decade KORG’s Electribe R has been the piece of equipment (a drum synth to be precise) for creative musicians around the world. It has 64 preset patterns, 8 supercharged effects, and Advanced Motion Sequencing. Version 1.1.0 gives out CD-quality sound via Mac or PC.


AmpliTube 3
IK Multimedia
The acclaimed guitar amp/FX modelling software works brilliantly on the iPad, bringing the same components as the iPhone version (11 stompboxes, five amps, five cabinets, and two mics) but giving you more screen real estate to get your hands on.


Seline HD
Amidio Inc
Seline recently posted the celebrated video ‚ The iPad Orchestra, which showed the quartet of iPad ‘players’ putting Seline HD through its paces. Basically, you have a scale – which will never let you play bad notes – and a sleek interface, all enabling you to literally play for hours.


Agile Partners
This Apple Design Awards winner for 2010 is a powerful guitar tablature and music notation viewer, with multi-track playback. An essential tool for learning and practising music, it includes an audio synthesis engine so you can listen to and control the audio for all tracks individually. US$9.99


Based on a typical MIDI keyboard, it comes with 40 built-in instruments, five control knobs, a modulation wheel, and the ability to choose between five octaves using the octave buttons, with two octaves onscreen at a time. Record directly into Garageband or Logic.


This app under development promises to feel and function like authentic turntables. Cue titles from your library, which appears in a crate, as DJs have done since vinyl was created. Add effects, delays, and of course scratches, and then record the lot. Sign up now for its launch at http://ipadmixr.com/


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