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spa - Six Senses Spa, Qatar

Entering Doha’s Six Senses Spa will take you back in time. The décor is rustic and uncomplicated, yet beckons visitors to a tranquil haven devoid of the modern stresses of everyday life.


luxe - Al Najada Boutique Hotel, Doha

Al Najada Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Doha and has already made its mark in the Middle East with its timeless appeal. Crafted from three adjoining Qatari properties, it offers seclusion in the heart of the souk.

Articles - Middle East

Arabian desert - Crossing the Empty Quarter

The Rub’ al Khali (Empty Quarter) has some of the world’s highest sand dunes and a fascinating variety of sand and sand formations.

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A walking tour of Beirut

The day starts on Bliss Street for a quick breakfast on the move. In the heart of vibrant Hamra, buzzing with students, international journalists and Western tourists, the street offers a wonderful juxtaposition.

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museum review - Olympics Through Media

Marking the XXX Olympiad in London, the ‘Olympics Through Media’ exhibition at the QMA Gallery showcases the development of the relationship between the Games and the media from their humble beginnings.

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three great places - Doha

Doha is the true gateway between East and West and its dining options are as multicultural as its blossoming population.

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insight - Dr. Elizabeth Stone

Occupation - Archeologist

Leading the first American archaeology team into Iraq in 20 years, Dr. Elizabeth Stone is slowly scraping away the layers of the country’s history.

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spa - Remède Spa, Doha

Not all skin, or bodies for that matter, are created equal. This philosophy underpins the Remède Spa at the landmark St. Regis Doha.

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Erbil - A city of intriguing contrasts

Not only does Erbil boast the title of oldest continuously inhabited citadel in the World, its booming economy and attractive investment laws are drawing an ever-growing stream of international businesses and investors.

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three great places - Muscat

With the finest luxury hotels, and an alluring buzz straight from 1,001 Arabian Nights, the Omani capital is teeming with exciting dining options.  Here are three that are sure to satisfy any palate.

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