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weekend away - Petra

Petra’s rock-carved tombs, echoing canyons, and ancient temples, were once forgotten by the outside world. Now, the ‘rose-red city half as old as time’ celebrates the bicentenary of its rediscovery.

Maghreb Cuisine

With such splendid geography and the influence of traders, travellers, and invaders over many centuries, the region has developed not just one cuisine but several. With Qatar Airways launching flights to Benghazi, Libya, we sample Maghreb cuisine from Morocco to Libya.

Articles - Middle East

Qatar: Where tradition meets the future

Look beyond the soaring skyscrapers that are clustered on the shoreline of Doha’s West Bay, and their glittering façades, and you will find a city and country with a heart and soul and creative flair.

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maître d’ - Chi’Zen, Doha

The Chinese Year of the Dragon signals an auspicious time for the dining scene in Doha, with the inclusion of fine dining establishment Chi’Zen in its restaurant ranks.

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three great places - Beirut

In Beirut, restaurants aren’t just for eating. They’re a place to gather, seek entertainment, or engage in lively debate of matters philosophical or political. The one thing they never are, however, is boring – and they’re always delicious.

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Destination - Tbilisi

Opinions might differ as to why, over many centuries, people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and religions chose Tbilisi as their home. What is certain, however, is that their joint contribution to architecture, cuisine, and lifestyle has made the city unique.

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Destination - Baku

Beluga caviar, kebabs and plovs, a stunning seaside and the old city, world-famous jazz musicians and exciting night life... You are in Baku – the city that transforms daily, yet treasures its historic past.

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luxe - The TORCH-Doha, Qatar

It’s rare that a national architectural (and sporting) icon can be turned into a luxury hotel, but The TORCH-Doha hotel in Qatar has made that crossover with flair.

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King Erekle II Street, Tbilisi

People find Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, attractive for many different reasons. Fashion designer Nino Chubinishvili, aka ‘Chubika’, says that she chose to live here for the inspiration she gets while roaming the streets of her native town.

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maître d’ - La Mer, Muscat

Resting on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Muscat, in Oman, is a fantastic city to sample seafood, with nowhere more suitable than the aptly named La Mer.

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