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Qatar Airways Holidays - February

Oryx presents its insider’s tips for places to visit in February.
Discover Oman’s rich heritage, take in Phnom Penh’s sights during its dry season, and relax in Punta Cana’s tropical paradise.

Rack railway rides

In the 19th century, humans found a new way to conquer the mountains: with steel and steam. Today, rack railways still impress with their engineering and spectacular passing scenery.

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family travel - Top safaris for children

Seeing animals in their natural environment is one of the most wonderful experiences for children and something they will remember forever. Safaris come in all shapes and sizes, from experiencing the Big Five in South Africa to native animals in Scotland. Family travel writer Nichola West rounds up her top five safaris that the kids will love.

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Restaurants where you’d be loco to go local

London is crackers for Indian curry and New York has a new take on Italian, while Melbourne clamours for Cantonese. Whether it’s historical connections binding one country with another cuisine, or a trailblazing new chef making their own mark, try something completely different in a known destination. Greg Sunning reveals three great restaurants on our network that outdo the cuisine of their host country.

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Qatar Airways Holidays - January

Oryx presents its insider’s tips for places to visit in January. Try out some winter sports in Zell Am See-Kaprun, or enjoy the warmth, white-sand beaches, and sparkling waters of Cancun and Goa.

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National Parks

National parks are a symbol of pride, showcasing the best of a nation’s landscapes and wildlife, and setting aside areas of outstanding natural beauty for the enjoyment of all. Here are five national parks with top-notch wonders.

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family travel - Educational holidays

Getting away on holiday provides a much-needed break for families, but educational trips are becoming increasingly popular.

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Famous chefs at work

For those who like to witness a chef’s artistry, the modern penchant for open kitchens is a real boon. It’s also reassuring to know that the named chef on the door is actually working their magic in the kitchen rather than shooting their next TV show. While there are no guarantees, we bring you three restaurants from around our network where you’re more than likely to have a famous chef cook your meal.

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Qatar Airways Holidays - December

Oryx presents its insider’s tips for places to visit in December. Soak up the wintry atmosphere in London, go from the slopes to the sea in Lebanon’s diverse climate, and embrace Kuala Lumpur’s downpours.

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Science Museums

Have an enquiring mind? Here are some top museums from around the world, guaranteed to intrigue and tantalise the imagination with their explorations of the wonders of science and technology.

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Qatar Airways Holidays - November

Oryx presents its insider’s tips for places to visit in November. Experience the great outdoors in Hong Kong, discover Argentina’s diverse landscape, and enjoy family fun in Florida.

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