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Great migrations

Some of the world’s animals far outdo humans when it comes to travelling by land, sea, or air. Here are some mass movements, part of the great cycle of nature, that provide awesome spectacles.

Qatar Airways Holidays - December

Plan ahead to December with our insider tips on where to go. Embrace the colder weather and enjoy the winter cheer in London or New York, and enjoy the dry season in sunny Laos.

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family travel - Worldly dress sense

Independent children’s fashion labels are taking on some of the world’s biggest clothing brands, leading the way on design and ethical production, and bringing a real sense of fun to the market. These smaller firms set up by enterprising individuals are springing up across the globe, celebrating the best of the countries they’re established in and generating new business for their communities. Nichola West rounds up five of her favourite small clothing labels for children from around the world.

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Spectacular Fountains

People everywhere are entranced by water, nowhere better harnessed than in public fountains, which might be urban monuments, a source of entertainment, or simply a delight to the eye.

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Qatar Airways Holidays - November

Oryx presents its insider’s tips for places to visit in November.

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Five city hotels your kids won’t want to leave

City breaks with kids can be lots of fun, with more and more locations offering entertaining experiences geared towards the youngest members of the family. There is also an increasing number of hotels that are so set up for a family visit that your kids simply won’t want to leave. Nichola West rounds up her top five city hotels for families.

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Pinball Museums

For those who fondly remember the clicking and blinking of pinball machines, here are some places where you can still admire these masterpieces of pop culture – and play them, too.

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Top gadgets to ensure your family holiday is a success

There’s a wealth of great gear to help families get the most out of their time away. Nichola West rounds up her five favourites.

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Best countries for tea lovers

Qataris are among the world’s top tea drinkers, but plenty of other countries revere the traditions of tea, which provide a fascinating glimpse into local culture and hospitality.

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Qatar Airways Holidays - September

Oryx presents its insider’s tips for places to visit in September. Explore Venice after the summer crowds have dispersed, and make the most of Jordan’s cooler temperatures and San Francisco’s warmer temperatures in autumn.

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fine food - Treetop dining in the Maldives

Going for dinner in the Maldives isn’t as straightforward as you might think. It may be the world’s flattest country, with atolls fringed by abundant arcs of buttery sands, but that doesn’t mean the country’s chefs are content with their oceanfront beach bars and palm-fringed pool bistros. In pursuit of novelty, the most luxurious resorts are now taking fine dining to new heights: by moving their signature restaurants off the ground and into the trees.

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