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Ever since the Great Pyramid at Giza reigned supreme as the world’s tallest structure, humans have celebrated their power, money, and prestige by building ever upwards. Here are three great cities not short of soaring skyscrapers that dazzle and amaze.‬



New York‬

The skyscrapers that started springing up in New York in the early 20th century were a symbol of capitalist success , from the neo-Gothic ‘cathedral of commerce’ that is the Woolworth Building to 40 Wall Street and the much-loved Rockefeller Center. This was the American Dream, and anyone could live it out. Walter Chrysler, a humble railway worker who became an automobile mogul, built the monumental Chrysler Building in 1929. Many still consider it the world’s most beautiful skyscraper, its summit encased in nickel and steel with Art Deco embellishments. Just a few months later, the Empire State Building had already overtaken it as the world’s tallest skyscraper. New York still leads in skyscrapers, with more per capita (about 6,000) than any other city on Earth; it even has a Skyscraper Museum ( dedicated to its architecture.‬

New York’s skyscrapers are not only world-famous, but a visual lesson in 20th century architectural history.‬

Don’t miss the classy and recently redeveloped observation decks on the summit of the Rockefeller Center.

‬ ‬

Qatar Airways flies from Doha to New York daily.‬



Doha’s skyline, also sprouting skyscrapers, is best seen from the south side of Doha Bay; and while Shanghai and New York have a vast density, Doha’s peaks stand out for their architectural beauty. Currently there are some 50 towers under construction, including the 466m QI Tower and the State’s tallest, the 510m Qatar National Bank Building.‬

See what’s happening in the Middle East’s latest wonder city. Who could resist?‬

Doha’s Corniche is brilliant at sunset, with the lights of its skyscrapers and sunset reflected in the waters of the bay. ‬

Qatar Airways flies into Doha from over 85 destinations worldwide.‬‬



In the 21st century, it was the turn of Asia to showcase its flair for making money, no more so than in Shanghai , whose financial dynamism is seen in the skyscrapers that line the banks of the Huangpu River. No city in history has thrown up so many tall buildings in such a short time. Jin Mao Tower and Oriental Pearl Tower, with its futuristic steel balls, were once the icons of a skyline now crowded with soaring competitors. Shanghai World Financial Center has an observation deck on its 100th floor. The glass-enclosed bridge spanning the gap at the summit of the skyscraper has dizzying transparent floors for those who want Shanghai at their feet. But it’s not over yet: Shanghai Tower, started in 2008, will be the world’s second-tallest skyscraper when completed. ‬

Experience the extraordinary rise of China in a city whose skyline never fails to astonish.‬

The district of Pudong, across the river from ‘old’ Shanghai, is the place where it’s all happening.

Qatar Airways flies from Doha to Shanghai four times a week.

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